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Subarc NA-5 Controller  - Lincoln Electric

Subarc NA-5 Controller - Lincoln Electric

  • Product Code:: LK356-2
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Lincoln Electric Subarc NA-5 Controller 

The Lincoln NA-5 automatic wire feeder has been specially designed to deposit more weld metal at fast travel speeds, eliminating bottlenecks and cut costs. 

Part no. LK356-2


Operating Versatility - Easily adapt to a wide range of wire feed speeds and wire sizes.

Compact Units With Excellent Flexibility - Fit into simple fixtures or the most complex automated production lines.

Rugged Construction - Minimize downtime and maintenance costs.

Solid Wire Size Range0.9-5.6mm
Cored Wire Size Range1.2-4.0mm
Wire Speed Range IPM (M/Min)0.6-16.5m/min
Dimensions (H x W x D)324mm x 470mm x 565mm
Net Weight 18.60Kg 

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