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TPS JetARC G160i

TPS JetARC G160i

  • Product Code:: SIA.160.1
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TPS JetARC G160i

The Jetarc G160i is a lightweight MMA inverter with digital controls and heavy-duty connections. Option of lift TIG also available to suit all light duty needs. 

Part no. SIA.160.1 


160Amp, portable, lightweight MMA/TIG inverter power source

Digital control of welding current

Extra bright display enables easy viewing, even with welding helmet

Hot-Start – Boosts welding current for dependable arc ignition

Anti-stick – Reduces the welding current in case of electrode “sticking”

Reduced open circuit voltage for safe operation

Thermal overload protection

Generator friendly 

Robust metal housing for industrial use

Large diameter industrial current sockets

Handy carrying strap

Lift-Arc TIG – Reduced wear of tungsten electrode in TIG mode. During contact ignition of the TIG arc, only small current flows. Only after the tungsten electrode is lifted away does current rise to the selected value. 

Supply Voltage (50/60Hz)
230 V +/-15%
Fuse (slow)
Power draw max.       
5.75 kVA
Cos phi
Power range   MMA&TIG
Operating Voltage MMA/TIG
20-26V / 10-16V
Open circuit voltage  
Duty Cycle (40 degrees) 30%/60%/100%
Degree of Protection 
IP 23
Weight (power source only

Dimensions (LxWxH mm)                  375 x 135 x 280

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