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Lincoln Invertec 400 TPX DC TIG

Lincoln Invertec 400 TPX DC TIG

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The Invertec 400TPX has been manufactured in a light-weight but robust outer casing, making it portable and ideal for operation even in the most hazardous environments. The 400TPX machine features HF TIG ignition, Lift TIG ignition, 2 or 4 step, variable down slope, post-flow control, digital pre-set meters with hold functions and built-in variable Pulse. Unique pre-settable starting mode allows excellent HF arc start in any welding conditions. The invertec 400 TPX is equipped with ten memory slots allowing for setting of personal welding parameters and procedures. TIG Spot welding mode completes the extensive list of TIG welding features. The 400 TPX has been designed, not only as a TIG welder, but to also operate as a stick welder with a variety of popular stick electrodes including Cellulosic. It can be simply converted to a water-cooled unit by adding the COOLARC® 46 (400TPX) water-coolers. Robust, stable and well equipped carts are available for easy movement of the units.

  • Advanced inverter technology for superior TIG performance.
  • Full function user-friendly control panel layout with graph and a numeric display make it easy to set all welding parameters.
  • Rugged construction : electrical safety (IP23S), potted PC boards and optimum airflow reduce contamination to extend the equipments life in the harshest environmental conditions.
  • HF and Lift TIG ignition meeting all requirements.
  • Perfect TIG HF starting with pre-settable starting mode.
  • Complete TIG parameters setting : Pulse TIG with variable frequency that allows the welder to adjust the arc focus to suit the applications, 10 memory locations for personalized welding settings, TIG Spot welding.
  • Water Coolers and Carts available.

  • 400/3/50/60
  • 400A/26V/35%
  • 300A/22V/100%
  • 16A
  • 5-400A
DIMENSIONS (H X W X D)455 mm x 301 mm x 632 mm

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