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Lincoln Invertec 400SX

Lincoln Invertec 400SX

  • Product Code:: LK12042-1
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Lincoln Electric MMA Invertec welder 

The Invertec 400SX MMA welder uses Lincoln tunnel technology as a protection device to remove sensitive parts from the contaminating airflow. This provides the ability to give excellent results even in the toughest conditions. 

Part no. LK12042-1


Robust built for heavy environmental conditions.

Fully featured and user friendly control panel with digital display allows precise setting of welding current.

Soft and Crisp mode multiple arc modes for different electrode types.

Auto Adaptive Arc force standard in Soft and Crisp modes the automatic variable Arc Force operates when required.

Adjustable Hot Start and Arc Force allow a smooth start/restart of the electrode and prevent sticking of the electrode in the weld pool.

Digital display - allows precise setting of welding current.

Maximum output of 270A and 400A allows the use of 5.0 mm (270SX) and 6.3 mm (400SX) electrodes

Features “Lift TIG” –with no tungsten contamination

Input Power 400/3/50/60
Rated Output 400A/36V/35%
Input Current 30A
Output Range 5-400A
Dimensions (H x W x D)455mm x 301mm x 632mm
Net Weight 37 kg

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