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Lincoln Invertec 170SX

Lincoln Invertec 170SX

  • Product Code:: LK12035-1
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Input Power 230/1/50/60
Rated Output 160A/26.4V@20%
Input Current 23A
Output Range 10/160A
Dimensions (H x W x D)244mm x 148mm x 365mm
Net Weight 7kg

Lincoln Electric Invertec 170SX 

Lincoln Electric MMA Invertec welder 

Encased in a reliable and robust package the Invertec 170SX can perform in a variety of working environments using different applications. The design focuses solely on providing a great starting behaviour as well as excellent weld results.

Part no. LK12035-1


Robust design - Unique rubber corners, metal housing and push control buttons to withstand tough environmental conditions.

Premium arc - Advanced Lincoln technology and know how guarantee performance every time.

Power Surplus - Additional power for superior arc control.

Built-in Hot Start - For excellent arc striking.

Long cables - Primary power extension cables up to 60M can be used.

Generator ready - to go for use with generators.

Soft and Crisp mode - Selectable arc modes for different electrode types.

Auto Adaptive Arc Force – For a stable arc with low spatter levels as standard.

Digital meter for precise setting.

Lift TIG with excellent striking without tungsten contamination.

Portable - Lightweight, small and robust.

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