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TBi TIG Penfeeder

TBi TIG Penfeeder

  • Product Code:: ZTR580PO90100
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Wire Feed Speed adjustable from 0.5 – 10 m/min 
Suitable Wires0.8 – 1.6 mm, all wire types 
Wire Feeding LengthTBi WirePen with 3 m length 
Wire Spool Holder Axle diameter 50 mm for standard spools D300 and wire spool adaptors 
Dimensions Approx.656 x 271 x 442 mm
Weight Approx. 11 kg (without wire spool) 
Power Supply 115 ~ 230 V AC, 50 ~ 60 Hz 
Control Start / Stop via TBi WirePen, 2-cycle or 4-cycle operation

TBi TIG Penfeeder

part no. ZTR580PO90100

The TBi PenFeeder device can be used together with any TIG power source and torch. The penfeeder takes any spool of wire removing the need for costly TIG filler wire. 


Controlled wire speed for optimum results

Easy setting of the wire speed with a digital display 

Cost-efficient addition to existing welding systems

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