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WP 26FX Gas Cooled TIG Torch Flexneck 8M

WP 26FX Gas Cooled TIG Torch Flexneck 8M

  • Product Code:: ZBWPO26FX-25RSSW

WP26FX Gas Cooled TIG Torch, comes with flexi neck

Part no. ZBWPO26FX-25RSSW 


A Comprehensive Range of Torch Heads, Cable and Rear End Configurations

• Extensive Range of Front End Consumables

• Redesigned Handles for Improved Grip

• Lightweight and Durable Torch Heads

• Available with Vinyl Power Cable, Rubber Power Cable, 2 Piece Power Cables or Switched and Sheathed.

Duty Cycle 150A @ 60%
Amperage- DC200A
Tungsten-Size0.020-5/32"/0.5mm to 4.0mm
European StandardEN60974-7
Cooling Gas
Torch HeadWP26, WP26FX, WP26V, WP26VFX 
Cable Length 12.5ft / 4m, 25ft/8m

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