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4043 Aluminium TIG Filler Wire

4043 Aluminium TIG Filler Wire

  • Product Code:: Aluminium Wire 4043

Available Options

Metal Composition % - 5% Si, Bal AL

Melting Celsius - 585

U.T.S N/mm2 - 150

Hardness BHN - 50

EN ISO 18273 S AL 4043A (ALSi5)

BS: 2901 4043A, (NG21)

4043 Aluminium TIG Filler wire 

2.5kg x 1.6mm part no. ZA7123216

2.5kg x 2.4mm part no. ZA7123224

2.5kg x 3.2mm part no. ZA7123232


An aluminium alloy rod with 5% silicon giving excellent flow characteristics and penetration. Suitable for welding duralumin, cast (LM25) and wrought alloys 6063 (H9), 6061 (H20) and 6082 (H30).

TIG welder

5% Silicon

Not suitable for subsequent anodisation

SIF brand high quality welding rods


Supplied in clear plastic tubes

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