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Why Choose the Hypertherm Powermax105 over Oxyfuel?


Hypertherm Plasma Systems

The Hypertherm Powermax family of products are available at TPS ranging from Powermax 30 AIR to Powermax125.

Powermax105 Plasma System

Cut Metal Quickly and Cleanly

The Powermax105 is a portable plasma cutting system which cuts aluminium, stainless and mild steel. The Powermax systems use intense heat (up to 22,000° C) to melt metal. Compressed air blows the metal away, leaving a clean edge that needs very little dressing.

Cut any Electrically Conductive Metal

The Powermax105 model is available with a handheld torch in lengths of 25ft, 50ft and 75ft. The Duramax handheld torch allows for longer lasting consumables.

Powermax Advantages:

  • Best performance in its class
  • Long consumable life and fast cut speeds lowering your costs 
  • Has an electrode end of life detection that lets you know that the electrode has passed its best. 
  • Fast speeds three times faster than oxy/fuel cutting at 12mm mild steel. 
  • Generator Friendly
  • Easy and Simple to use
  • Smart Sense Technology (set air pressure automatically)
  • Can be retrofitted to cutting tables easily 
  • Gouge with ease

Powermax Features:

  • High duty cycle of 80% at 105amp
  • Gas pressure is automatically adjusted with the power easy set up 
  • Fault code display for easy diagnosis
  • 32mm clean cut @ 500mm/min (recommended cut)
  • 38mm clean cut @ 250mm/min
  • 50mm severance cut @125mm/min

Powermax System Requirements: