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TPS Official UK Partners with PEMA


PEMA is a global welding and production automation provider originating from Loimaa, Finland.  PEMA has extensive experience understanding customer needs in various market sectors. Their solutions simply help you to improve: value, productivity, your position in the market, quality and more importantly, your return on investment.

PEMA's expertise covers seven industries: Shipbuilding, Industrial Boilers, Wind Power, Heavy Fabrication, Mobile Machinery, Oil & Gas and Process, Steel Structure Manufacturing. 



Heavy Fabrication

Hard Automation 

Assembly Stations

Column & Booms 



Heavy Robotics

Wind Energy

Offshore Wind Tower and Foundations 


Plate Fabrication

Section Fabrication

Shell Fabrication 

PEMA Milling Machine 

PEMA Welding Platform 


Digital Shipbuilding

Flat Panel and Block Production

Micro Panel Production 

Open Block Production Lines

Part Fabrications

Plate Production 

T-Beam Welding 

Industrial Boilers

Panel Production

High Capacity Panel Line

Panel Fabrication

Tube and Coil Processing 

PEMA Tube Shop 

Oil & Gas and ProcessSpecial Pipe Fabrication

Pipe Component Fabrication

Dish End Production

Pressure Vessel Production

Shell Fabrication and Assembly 

PEMA Technology

PEMA Weld Control