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Xiris XVC-S Welding Camera

  • Product Code:: ZXC903-120-011
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Xiris XVC-S Welding Camera

The XVC-S Weld camera provides the user the ability to adjust and enhance weld performance during the submerged arc process. This is achieved using live noise free colour images of the welding process.

Part no. ZXC903-120-011 

Crystal clear noise free colour images.
Integrated onscreen crosshair overlay.
Complete robust system in one package.
Easy installation.
Ruggedized for survival in the welding environment.
Weld spatter protection.
Integrated auxiliary LED lighting.
Using high quality industrial grade components for reliability.
Feature rich HMI console with user friendly push button menus.
Colour display.

Camera Sensor         768 pixels (H) x 494 pixels (V), Single Chip Colour CCD 

Camera Model Size (Max) 60mm (L) x 60mm (W) x 100mm (H)/ 2.4” (L) x 2.4” (W) x 3.9” (H)

Camera Weight         700g / 24.7 oz.

Working Range: Standoff 150 – 400mm / 5.9” – 15.7”

Working Range:         (87x63) mm to (211x154) mm / (3.4” x 2.5”) to (8.3” x 6”)

Field of View                         (12mm lens)

Depth of Field                        115mm @ 400mm/ 4.5” @ 15.7”
(at max. resolution)

Dynamic Range                 60 dB

Camera Output                 S-Video (Y/C Output 0.75 p-p)

Lens Focus                 Manuel

Weld Splatter Protection Removable, Protective Glass Cover  

Solid State Auxiliary Lighting 2 white, high intensity LEDs, Adjustable brightness

Air Pressure Requirements 3-4 bar / 45-60 psi

Camera Cooling (optional supply) Air filter + regulator with Vortex cooler 

Camera mount                 mounting from Top or Bottom via 2 x M3 Screws

Camera Support (option) Camera Articulated Arm with Super Clamp Mount 

Cable Lengths            10/20/30 m

Power Required                 12 VDC, 5A

External Power Supply (Included) Brick 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hx Autosensing, 5A. 

Console Mount (option) Wall Mount support/ Radial Arm Support 

Display Console Universal Enclosure, Integrated cross hair overlay for target reference point, 15” LCD 1024 x 768 display, Feature rich push button menus for LCD & Cross Hair configuartion, High Bright Contrast auto adjust brightness, 

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