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Wire feeder  PF42  - Lincoln Electric

Wire feeder PF42 - Lincoln Electric

  • Product Code:: LK14107-1

Lincoln Electric semi automatic wire feeder power feed PF42 

Part no. LK14107-1

The power feed wire feeder is designed to combine easy handling and control by the welder with perfect wire feeder. The PF42 supports all models installed on multi-process Lincoln power sources. Can be optionally equipped with gas flow-meter, heavy duty undercarriage or lifting eye. 


Small rugged and easy to handle feeders with bright digital meters (PF40 excl.).

Utilizes ArcLink® - the leading digital communication protocol for welding, making it the best choice for seamless, time critical integration with the power source.

Four roll drive system with powerful motor.

Remote control on the gun (PF46 & option for PF44).

Easy-to-understand user interface panels make it easy to set weld parameters

Features push-pull capability for great performance on aluminium (PF46 & option for PF44).

Equipped with wheels as standard.

Solid Wire Size Range0.8-1.6mm
Corded Wire Size Range 1.0-1.6mm
Wire Speed Range IPM (M/Min)0.1-22m/min
Dimensions (H x W x D)460mm x 300mm x 640mm
Net Weight18Kg

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