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Speedtec200C Welder - Lincoln Electric

Speedtec200C Welder - Lincoln Electric

  • Product Code:: LK14099-1
  • Product Pdf:
Dimensions 39.6 x 24.6 x 52.7
Input Power 115-230/1/50/60
Rated Power 200A/24V@25%
Input Current 16A
Output Range20/200A
Cored Wire Size Range0.9-1.1mm
Wire Feed Speed Range1-15m/min
Materials Constructed with robust metal case

The Lincoln Electric Speedtec 200C is a marketing leading single phased multi process inverter, and is constructed into a small light-weight housing to maximise portability. 

Part no. LK14099-1

The unit can be powered from the mains supply or are also suitable for use with motor generators. It has been equipped with the Power Factor Correction (PFC) feature, which supports high output welding current from a single phase 230v1Ph 50/60Hz supply allowing it to be used with a long (up to a max 100m) primary extension cable. 

The Speedtec 200C works perfectly with mixed gas and 100% CO2 also with self-shielding wires (Innershield). 


Compact and Robust: Innovative, Portable and Lightweight, Anywhere. 

Multiple Tasks: CV MIG, CV Synergic, FCAW, Stick, TIG Lift. 

Power Factor Correction (PFC): More welding power, energy and cost savings, generator compatible. 

User Friendly Operation: Icon control panel. 

Programs for various mig wire types, sizes. 

9 memory positions for saving your weld settings. 

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