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TPS ProPuls 500

  • Product Code:: J845.500.100
  • Product Pdf:
Supply Voltage 3 Phase 400V
Fuse (slow)32A
Cos Phi0.9
Power Range 10-500A
Operating Voltage 14.5-39V
Open Circuit Voltage70V
Wire Feed Speed 0.5-24.0m/min
Duty Cycle (40 degrees) 60% / 100%500A/400A
Weight 124Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)910 x 340 x 1420

TPS ProPuls 500

TPS ProPuls 500 – digital synergic inverter pulse MIG. 

TPS ProPuls machines are highly productive, efficient multi-process MIG inverters. The modern dynamic control technology guarantees precise welding results that can be repeated time after time. The use of the latest modified arcs (Power Steel, Cold Steel, Root Steel and now exclusively to the ProPuls series: Fast Arc) opens new possibilities in the world of MIG/MAG welding. 

Part no. J845.500.100


Digital controlled pulse MIG/MAG inverter power source

500Amp Separate

High Duty Cycle

Multi-process: MIG (std, FastArc, PSt, CSt, RSt), TIG, TIG pulse (Lift-Arc) and MMA

Pulse and double pulse MIG 

Job memory for user (100 jobs per process)

Remote control of power (&job) with TCX or U/D torch 

Push pull PCB comes as standard on 500

Twin feeder option on ProPuls 500 (&InoMIG)

Small, compact yard feeder available 

Low energy costs

Service friendly design

Modular construction

Robust metal housing for industrial use

Thermostat controlled, low noise fan

Controls protected in dust-proof housing

Industrial four roller drive feeding system

Extra bright displays enable easy viewing of parameters, even with a welding helmet

Integral torch bracket

Cooling unit with heavy duty pump and flow switch as standard

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