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TPS TecMIG 450

TPS TecMIG 450

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TPS TecMIG 450 – MIGMAG Synergic

The TPS TecMIG 450 has new modern technology making welding more effective, easier and safer. Modern stepless digital control, in a thyrister controlled conventional package. Synergic function enables the correct parameters to be selected, simply by selecting material thickness. Digital welding machines also ensure completely reproducible welding quality.


 400Amp, thyristor controlled MIGMAG power source with separate wire feeder

Multi-process: MIG, TIG and MMA

Remote control of power (& job) with U/D torch


Service friendly design

Rugged housing for industrial use

Thermostat controlled, low noise fan

Controls protected in dust-proof housing

Industrial four roller drive feeding system (140W motor)

Extra bright displays enable easy viewing of parameters, even with a welding helmet.

Reversible large diameter rollers as standard

Integral torch bracket

Coolant flow sensor as standard

Electronic choke

Recommended wire size: 0.8 – 2.4mm

Weight                 210 kg

Dimensions         1070 x 490 x 945 mm

Input Power:         400V (3 Phase 50-60)

Rated Output         450 A @60%, 330A @100%

Input Current         32 A

Output Range         50 – 450 A

Cored Wire Size Range /

Wire Feed Speed Range /

Colours                 Red/Black/Grey

Material                 Constructed with robust metal case

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