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TPS DualMIG 210

TPS DualMIG 210

  • Product Code:: MJACT.210.3
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Innovative design of this MIGMAG Converntional welder allows for quick and easy changeover between 2 different welding processes in seconds. Swap between any wire/gas combinations with minimum of fuss eg. MIG brazing with CuSi3, and MAG welding with steel wire. 250E includes synergic control as standard, ensuring the correct wire feed speed is always used.

 Description •

200 Amp, MIGMAG conventional power source •

Twin euro central connections for two welding torches at the same time •

Automatic recognition of active torch (only one side is active at once) •

Integral professional wire feed system (x2) 4 roller drive •

Twin wire spools (Ø 300mm) •

Space for 2 gas cylinders (20l) connected at the same time •

Trigger: 2 step / spot • Service friendly design •

Rugged housing for industrial use •

Thermostat controlled, low-noise fan •

Integral dual torch bracket

Wire sizes: 0.8 – 1.2mm

Wire types: Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium and MIG Brazing.

Weight                        75 kg

Dimensions                86.0 x 45.5 x 88.0 cm

Input Power:               400V (3 Phase 50-60)

Rated Output              200 A @25%, 150 A @60%, 120A @100%

Input Current               10 A

Output Range              30 – 200 A

Colours                        Red/Black/Grey

Material                        Constructed with robust metal case

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