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Lincoln LGS 505 water cooled MIG Gun

  • Product Code:: LGS 505

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Duty Cycle at Rated Amperage 100%
Rated Amperage 450A
Gun Type Handheld 
Wire Diameter 0.8-2.4mm
Cooling Water Cooled

Lincoln Electric LGS 505 3M/4M/5M MIG Gun Water Cooled

Comes in various lengths

3 metre part no. LK10429-505-3M

4 metre part no. LK10429-505-4M

5 metre part no. LK10429-505-5M


High quality rugged product built to Lincoln standards.

Ergonomic hand grip for comfortable welding day in day out.

Flexible “Ball Joint” for comfortable welding in any position.

Two metal springs provide optimum cable protection.

Retractable pins for a consistently reliable connection provided as standard.

Wearing parts following the industry standard CE IEC 60974-7 and EN50078.

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