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PEMA SPS Skyhook Positioner

  • Product Code:: SPS Skyhook Positioner

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PEMA SPS Skyhook positioners are built for demanding tasks with heavy workpieces with even the most complex product geometry. With a Skyhook, workpieces are easily set up in a wide variety of positions. Load capacity range is 750 to 20,000 kg.

PEMA SPS Skyhook positioners are the right choice for heavy workpieces with demanding product geometry.  Typical workpieces are tractor cabins and construction machinery parts.

Workpieces can be adjusted in all conceivable positions with a Skyhook positioner. Usually the rotation is around their centre of gravity. This ensures that the welder’s working position is always productive and ergonomically firm.

The stepless 3-axis adjusting function provides easy access for the welder including the most difficult welds inside workpieces. Rotation of the table and tilting of the L-arm are controlled with inverter-controlled AC-drives. Height adjustment is hydraulically operated. The hydraulic system has built in safety valves.

Every PEMA product uses high quality components. All structures and components are of serially produced and tested.

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