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PEMA APS Skymaster Positioner

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PEMA APS Skymaster welding positioners are the best solution for lifting, rotating and tilting heavy fabrication workpieces with a complex geometry. The height, angle and rotating speed of the workpiece are fully adjustable, and therefore an ideal ergonomic working position can always be guaranteed.

The main advantage of PEMA positioners is that work-pieces can always be set up to the best possible welding positions. As a result welding productivity can be raised by as much as 70%.

The APS Skymaster range starts from 250Kg - 35 tons but others can be made on request.

  • Fast welding in down-hand positions
  • Optimum welding parameters
  • Quality Improvement - less finishing and repairing 
  • Accuracy, safety and ergonomics 
  • Four product families (Assembly Stations, Column & Booms, Positioners, Rollerbeds)
  • Can be integrated with Pema's Column & Booms
  • Grounding and pre-heating can be arranged through the positioner
  • Pema delivers also sophisticated solutions for special purposes like dish end cladding and welding
  • Boost Production
  • Save on Costs

The loading capacity range is 250Kg -75 tons. 

We offer a free demo on the APS Skymaster Welding Positioner. Please contact us today for this to be arranged. 

Watch the APS Skymaster Positioner Video

TPS WeldTech are Official UK agents for Pemamek Oy Ltd. 

These welding turntables are manufactured in Finland and reach large loading capacities that are not available to be manufactured in the UK.

ModelAPS 250APS 750APS 1500APS 3500APS 7000APS 15000APS 25000APS 35000
Max Load. (Kg)25075015003500700015,00025,00035,000
Rotation Speed (rpm)0,2 - 4,50,09 - 2,00,07 - 1,30,06 - 1,30,05 - 1,00,04 - 0,750,02 - 0,40,02 - 0,4
Max. rotational torque (Nm)806001,0002,8009,00018,00040,00055,000
Tilting/angle (deg)man 135hyd 135hyd 135hyd 135hyd 135hyd 135hyd 120hyd 120
Tilting torque (Nm)3001,5003,0007,50014,00070,000175,000280,000
Max. welding current (A)350700 7007001,4001,4002,1002,100
Table plate diameter (mm)4007007009501,1001,4901,9501,950
Height min-max [H1-H2] (mm)490 - 910720 - 1,450770 - 1,540980 - 1,6751,000 - 1,8551,300 - 2,3251,600 - 2,8602,000 - 3,500
Length (mm) x Width (mm)940 x 5701,575 x 6951,640 x 8102,180 x 1,0302 640 x 1,0303,150 x 1,8204,000 x 1,9504,750 x 2,450

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