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TPS-450 M/Glide Euro MIG Torch 8m U/D MicroGlide

TPS-450 M/Glide Euro MIG Torch 8m U/D MicroGlide

  • Product Code:: Euro MIG MicroGlide Std Torch

Part Numbers: 

ZAMT4508EFMUD -    TPS-450 M/Glide Euro MIG Torch 8M U/D Std Euro comes with Up/DN 

ZAMT4508FFMUD -     TPS-450 M/Glide F Conn MIG Torch 8M U/D Std F comes with Up/DN

ZAMT4508XFMUD-      TPS-450 M/Glide Euro Mig Torch 8M U/D Ext Trig UP/DM

To enable welding at distances longer than 5 metres from the welding machine, we supply the 8M torches in combination with a new wire transport system: the Microglider (MG). This new system transports the welding wire over longer distances with almost no friction. 

550 Amp CO2

500 Amp Mixed gases

100% Duty cycle

Water cooled

Advantages of the Microliner wire transport system:

• can be used in standard torches;

• nearly friction-free wire transport over longer distances;

• robust and durable system;

• flexible liner constructed from smaller segments;

• complete liners re-usable, even after repair;

• individual segments are replaceable, so that any desired length up to 10 metres can be put together;

• makes heavier, bigger push-pull torches obsolete.

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