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Xiris XVC-1000 Welding Camera

Xiris XVC-1000 Welding Camera

  • Product Code:: ZXC880-00381-1
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Xiris XVC-1000 Welding Camera

The Xiris XVC-1000 Welding Camera is used for the monitoring of all open arc welding processes with user interchangeable lens capability and digital output. The high resolution ensures concise images to the smallest detail allowing for easy quality control. 

Part no. ZXC880-00381-1

140 dB High dynamic range image allowing the brightest features of the weld arc to be captured while providing detail in the darker surrounding areas.
1280 x 1024 pixel output resolution.
Accepts C/CS mount lenses.
Advanced all digital camera solution delivering an 8 or 12 bit digital signal over gigabit Ethernet (GigE).
Opto-isolated IO allows the camera to be connected to noisy, external devices typically found in a welding environment.
Hardware and software triggering to synchronize image acquisition to an external device.
Field Programmable FPGA allows camera controls to be updated while in the field.
Includes WeldStudio software package.
WeldStudio includes graphic tools to allow crosshairs and targets to be overlaid on the video image.
WeldStudio allows control of the Area of Interest from camera which can be used to reduce the transferred image size and achieve high frame rates.

Image Sensor 2/3” HDR CMOS (Model 1000) 2/3” HDR Colour CMOS (Model 1100)

Speed/Resolution Up to 55 FPS at 1280 (H) x 1024 (V) Pixels

Pixel Size         6.8 µm square (8.7mm x 7mm active area)

Filter         UV + IR Cut Filter

Shutter                 Global or Rolling

Dynamic Range         140+ dB

Bit Depth         12 bits

Image Data         Mono 8/12 (Model 1000), Bayer 8/12 (Model 1100)

Max. Cable Length 100m

Trigger Options         Free-running; External/delayed trigger/single shot

Synchronization         Via external trigger or software trigger

Trigger Inputs 2 high-speed opto-isolated, 5-24 VDC

Strobe Outputs         1 opto-isolated open collector, max 40 VDC

GP Inputs         2 opto-insolated 5-24 VDC

GP Outputs         2 opto-insolated open-collector, max 40 VDC

Communications Gigabit Ethernet, opto-insolated UART interface

Shutter Range 1 µs – 53s Exposure

Imaging Controls ROI, exposure time, shutter mode, trigger delay, image format

Dimensions (mm) 40 (W) x 43 (H) x 65 (L) without optics

Weight                 135 g (without optics)

Lens Mount         CS mount (C mount with adapter)

Power Consumption Power over Ethernet (PoE), or 12 nominal (10-16 V) via GPIO interface, maximum 6 W 

Connectors         Locking RJ-45, Hirose HR10A-10R-12P (73)

Max. # of Cameras Up to 2 supported @ full speed (Model 1000 only, reduced speed for Model 1100)

Machine Vision Stds. GigE vision 2.0 GenICam upon request

Video Recording         Recording & Playback utility integrated

Camera Control         Via Xiris WeldStudio Viewer (standard), or via Xiris WeldStudio SDK (optional)

Compliance         CE, FCC-B, RoHS

Operating System Windows 7/8 (32 or 64 bit)

Photodiode         Detects presence of weld arc 

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